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Sexmaschinen-Erweiterung, Rohraufsatz für Sexmaschine – 30 cm

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Sex machine gun extension tube fittings 3 different pole free combination Sex Machine accessories extender, Sex Toys Attachment 

Function:Sex Machine, Masturbation Machine
Color:Shown as pictures
Can be assembled:40=20+20 45=20+25 50=25+25=20+30 55=25+30 60=30+30
If you buy the extension tube with sex machine together.We will send them to you by DHL.Thanks
Extensions role is to lengthen the distance between machines and appliances, to choose the length depending on usage, large bar is not recommended to use an extension, because large Bang Bang relatively heavy load increase after longer will shorten the life of the motor, the proposed option No. stick 30cm or less, after the court and small rods can not limit the length of extensions according to your favorite selection.
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